Friday, May 21, 2010

‘Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut’

Pizza Hut is a very good food in public passion. it is more delicious when families find loved ones. remember when young, the family always took me to enjoy the pizza hut. Especially when walking away and feeling hungry at that time, pizza hut which was our favorite family.I'm very happy at that time to enjoy my favorite pizza and family. With reasonable price according to the name of the pizza hut and of course to all the people of Malaysia who loves fast food. With fast food and fast, it makes the people of malaysian and more like a meal when hungry. More exciting, recent pizza hut is prepared and issued its latest meal of pizza king fish. it was delicious because I've been enjoying the pizza outlet near my place.

The ‘Fish King Pizza’, I became more interested and want to enjoy a pizza every day. Fish King Pizza fingers are a total of eight specially imported from Alaskan Pollock, mozzarella cheese, Roasted capsicums, yellow onions and Juicy Pineapple, all on a cool lime Mayo saurce that makes it simply refreshing. now can not to need big budget to ENJOY a big fish feast because all materials had been made a mix. The public can choose the newest pizza is the pizza king fish because it was so delicious and different dish pizza before. With the material the fish, making it more natural. They are less spicy dishes are also suitable for children and adults.

Pizza Hut with Johore Bahru branches:-)

When it comes to pizza hut in Johor Bahru branch in "Damansara Aliff" for the latest meal from pizza pizza hut the king fish. with a sense of great fun with friends.

This is a map of pizza hut outlets in Damansara Aliff, Johore Bahru

Persiaran Aliff Harmoni,
Taman Damansara Aliff,
81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Remembered the first time, always if you want to enjoy the pizza, do not have to go far away outlets. just walking alone. But now need to go to more remote outlets to try different recipes in different pizza outlets.

Before eating a meal pizza hut, could pose in front of pizza hut at the entrance of Damansara Aliff, Johore Bahru.

This is a menu to guests try when visiting any branch of the pizza hut. This is the latest in the dish out of Pizza Hut.

After I make an order, this meal has arrived.

Serve a menu of very tasty with a variety of fish dishes are not only pizza king in order.

The regular sized Fish King Pizza is priced at RM23.90
The large one is RM32.90

Time to dine with the latest dish from pizza hut

I feel very happy and satisfied to be able to try the new pizza is also next to try his luck in the contest organized by pizza hut. I think this pizza is delicious and I recommend that pizza to produce a product that will come with a taste more delicious and tasty as this 'Fish King Pizza'.

Spagethi Bolognise Chicken

This dish is also spaghetthi side dishes from pizza hut
The price of inexpensive set of only RM9.50

I just want the spagethi...
So delicious...

Unconscious eating up the surrounding area and not bother anyone and there:-)

Breathe in mushrom serve porridge

Me and My friends Nadzirah:-)

Nadzirah inhale the sweet pulp mushrom:-)

Nice to the feed by my friend the 'Fish King Pizza' with spicy one:-)

We love the 'Fish King Pizza' :-)

We are very happy and enjoy eating pizza here :-)
Hope we can
forward to dining again with more new dishes from Pizza Hut at all times

End of this entry, have the
video available for viewing all the while enjoying your favorite Pizza Hut.
Hope all enjoy the video below:-)


More pleasant and enjoyable when watching this video. It makes me more inclined to try the Fish King Pizza.