Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrities Who Stink (Blog about which celebrities you think need deodorant)

Deodorant is something very important in life to avoid prolonged body odor. Deodorant important in an active and very often work outside the office and have a prolonged sunlight. Not only that, it is also important in a person who is required to meet with the public. I think celebrities should wear Deodorant is Stacy. because he is a celebrity who remains active outside life is always a dance. so, she always sweat by dancing in the show. I was very impressed with the dances performed by Stacy. So, if Stacy would like to m more attractive appearance and long body is fragrant, she should wear Deodorant before the start of his career. Stacy is the artist that have a high confidence.

Therefore, I believe, by wearing Deodorant, making him more confident to deal with the public. he often danced in his career, with Deodorant, it reduces the body odor and sweat out of control. I propose to be wearing Deodorant Celebrity as Stacy because I grew up she and I want her to look attractive and fragrant when dancing or after the dance. because the body is important and to prevent her losing his fans, he must wear at all times Deodorant

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  1. ahaha..die kan cergas sangat atas pentas..mmg kena pakai deodorant..